Custom Hamper

Our custom hampers are a personal show of luv.

Choose your product/s and price range and get creative!

We can tailor any product lines to the price of the hamper to include any of the brands below.

Serenity Candles or Diffusers, Bath Bombs with Rings, Cristina Re, Champagne, Cote Noir, MOR, Gold Bars, Cote Noire Flowers, Sheridan, Herbal Hireath, Life of Cha Teas, Ted Baker, Gentlemen's Hardware or anything else that takes your fancy from our online product lines.

  • Beautifully packaged in a White or Black Box.
  • A gorgeous written card in black, white and gold is included.

Lets choose together and create a star!

For this custom made hamper please contact us on

We cannot wait to create a perfect Luvbox  xo

  • $69.00