• Fur Baby Luxury Hamper - Black Diamonte Collar - SALE ITEM!

Fur Baby Luxury Hamper - Black Diamonte Collar - SALE ITEM!

Our Furry Best Friends are the most Loyal. For many that have a Fur Baby they treat them like their child (they are!) and we have designed a Luxury Fur Baby Hamper for them.

With a Small, Medium & Large Luxe Diamonte Dog Collar and very Luxe Food Bowl in Ceramic this Hamper can for any smaller breed that are Lap Dogs.

Collars are designed for smallers dogs eg Cavoodles, Poodle, Smoodles, Maltese, Sitzo, Small Sausage Dogs as an example. 


  • Adjustable Black Luxe Diamonte Dog Collar (dimensions below please choose carefully and measure dogs next with a little room.
  • Brush with Bristles and hard Bristles Red & Black
  • A Luxe Ceramic Food Bowl White with Gold Finish Stand (Great for all the Family)
  • A packet of Smackos (Chicken, Beef or Liver please specify in message)

Adjustable please specify your size in the message in cart area

Small Collar: Length 36cm x Width 1.5cm 

Medium Collar: Length 42cm x Width  2.0cm

Large Collar: Length 50cm x Width 3.0cm

Please measure dogs next and leave a little room. We can exchange although freight cost would be charged.