Organic Sweet Tea Hamper

Organic Sweet Tea Hamper

Get back to Earth with this Luxury Hamper.  Organic Boutique Teas to a beautiful Tea Strainer and Christina Re 18K gold finish Mug

Great for Birthday's, Gell Well Soon, Collegue, Mother's Day, the Bride or Bridesmaids or anyone who Enjoys Specialty Tea!


  • Christina Re Bone China Mug 18k gold finish Ivory Mug
  • Life Of Cha Spiced or Purify Organic Tea  20 serves 
  • Life Of Cha Hydrate or ZZZ Organic Tea 20 serves 
  • The Berry Company Morocco Mint Organic tea with keep safe Tin
  • Beautiful Luxury Tea Strainer
  • Beautifully Presented In A Luxury Black Or White Box 
  • A gorgeous written card in black, white and gold
  • *Please note, in the event that any products becomes unavailable we will swap it for a similar item of equal or greater value*

Morocco Mint Tea Information

Enjoy:  All day.  The cleansing, refreshing and digestive properties of this tea make it perfect to enjoy after any meal. 

Brewing:  Pour water at 70-80 degrees (1/4 cold to ¾ boiling) into a pot and add one heaped teaspoon of leaf per cup.  Infuse 1-2 mins.  Able to withstand two infusions.  Serve as is or with honey or sugar for extra sweetness.  Delicious served as an iced tea.

Certified Organic Ingredients:  Green tea, peppermint leaves, spearmint lea

Life of Cha - Spiced Tea Information

Premium Assam Black Tea, Ginger Pieces, Cinnamon, Cardamom & Rose Petals

Comforting any time of day especially in winter!

What does it do for me?

Derived from Indian AYURVEDIC medicine,
this delicious concoction is sure to bring
much WARMTH and SPICE in your life!

How to enjoy:
Traditionally enjoyed using 1 part tea and 1 part milk. Dash of sugar optional.
1 tsp | 1 cup | 100°C | 3-5min | 1-2 brews

Any time of day

Life of Cha - Hydrate Tea Information

Premium Hibiscus deep ruby infusion. Refreshing sports tonic after an intense workout!  

What does it do for me?

  • Full of ELECTROLYTES to quench THIRST
  • Aids in lowering BLOOD PRESSURE.
  • Rich in VITAMIN C to boost IMMUNITY.

How to enjoy:
Can be brewed hot or cold. Add a dash of raw honey or rock sugar for a hydrating tonic.
2 pcs | 1 cup | 100°C | 3-5min | 3-4 brews 
Any time of day 
Region: Fujian, China


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